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I'm only listening if it's Jacob Cohen. If it ain't cracka-lackin, I ain't listening.

I listen every morning

Great, unbiased, daily news podcast- especially for those not familiar with tech and business world

Awesome Daily Business Podcast

I love this podcast and it has become part of my daily listening. Each episode is brief and generally in two parts. A couple tech business news headlines and then a longer segment on a current events topic in the tech business realm. The guests are well informed and the interviews/discussions have a quick pace.

Nudge, okay, got it

The Nudge ads are so repetitive. Please stop!!

Love the Hustle!!

Every morning on my way to work, I check this app to see if there’s a new episode. And if there isn’t, I’ll just listen to an older episode. This show brings joy to my day, and I love hearing about business news and tech trends in a way that’s quick but memorable. In the afternoons I’ll read the newsletter, which feels like a different experience than the podcast, but that adds to the value of it! Then, they publish interesting long-form articles on Sundays, so there’s that too. This is definitely my favorite business podcast!

Nice work

I’ve listened to one episode and your process of introducing topics is something I would love to be able to replicate.

New podcast!

Keep podcast going strong, I like that it keeps me up on stuff


Omg I can’t with y’all 👏🏻😂 KEEP IT COMING!

Good stuff!

Great podcast!

Loving it!

Great podcast! Listened for the first time today. Engaging and insightful. Gives you the top biz and tech news you need to know.

Big Tech

$257 Billion? Grocery delivers worth $6 Billion? Google and YouTube growing fastest? 30% tax on crypto for 80% people in India? Emogies? Botha Bing Botha Boom The Hustle. Ok. I’m quickly (not as quickly as the birdseye view of life for the truly living) discovering that I’ve fallen and I can’t get up… or can I? The Hustle (and notepaper nearby) may be just the ticket to reawaken this dazed Rapunzel. Love the podcast! Don’t speak slower for me… I’m determined to listen fasterer.

Awesome Content!!

A quick and concise why to get what you need to know. I follow your email but this helps me so much better!


Very dynamic show, instructive and actually quite interesting topics you guys talk about

Loving the Hustle!

I read my Hustle email everyday, and am excited to now listen to my tech and business updates on the new daily Hustle Podcast!

You need this

If you are in tech or biz, this is for you. It is informative and empowering! Lots of insight, but not preachy. I like the discussions too. I Definitely would recommend it to people who want to be in the know.

Loving this!

This has such a great vibe and since it’s The Hustle i know the content will continue to be 💯. Nice work!

Love the newsletter, can’t wait for more podcasts!!

Great idea, guys, and congrats on excellent execution. I can’t wait to keep listening - the funny-but-true insights delivered with a little punch start my day with a smile.

Some good information

I enjoy listening to the podcast. They are so informative and the topics are always interesting. Great host that have good insight on every topic. I’m a big fan!

Great podcast!

I’m very picky when it comes to podcasts - but this one is great! Relevant, to the point.

Big Hustle Fan

St. Louis native. Big Hustle fan!! Keep it up Sam.


Simply love this podcast so profoun and spit facts

Informative and fast.

The hustle podcast is the perfect morning podcast for your coffee. It’s both informative, fast and funny. Enjoyed the reference about the beanbag chair and you guys are so right about recycling. Our City only recycles two plastic things (#1 & 2) out of the eight numbers that are recyclable. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show!

Everything I love from their daily email..

Now packed inside a podcast. Bravo. 👏

Give me more

And you did! I’m always looking forward to when the next episode of My First Million drops. Now theres more content! The business insights and candid takes I get from listening to Sam and his friends are priceless. So glad to have more!

Love the Hustle

Keeps me updated with ease in my day!