March 18, 2022

Is Daylight Savings Over?

Is Daylight Savings Over?
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Welcome to The Hustle Daily Show! Today, our hosts Zachary Crockett and Juliet Bennett Rylah are joined by Nicole Phillip (Social Media Manager at The Hustle). You’ll hear about our most interesting stories of the day.

Plus! You’ll also hear about,

  • Mortgage rates hit 4% for the first time since 2019
  • Google agrees to buy Raxium, a hardware company that builds tech for AR devices
  • Netflix cracks down on family freeloaders

Plus! Listen for our Happy Hour Discussion on,

  • Should we get rid of daylight savings time?
  • What the great ‘return to the office’ means for POC/Black employees
  • Kim Kardashian, the toxicity of hustle culture, and the fallacy of hard work

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