March 25, 2022

Companies Facing Labor Issues

Companies Facing Labor Issues

Welcome to The Hustle Daily Show! Today our hosts Zachary Crockett and Juliet Bennett Rylah are joined by Mark Dent (Writer at The Hustle). You’ll hear about our most interesting story of the day: labor issues from around the country focused on tensions at 4 different companies (Applebees, Google, Amazon, Disney).

Plus! You’ll also hear about,

  • The inventor of the GIF, Stephen Wilhite, has died
  • Apple launched the 1st driver’s license and state ID in its Wallet app in Arizona
  • Uber joins forces with the taxi business

Plus! Listen for our Happy Hour Discussion on,

  • Google is jousting with its employees over compensation
  • Applebee’s is navigating drama over a controversial email sent out by one of its major franchise owners
  • Amazon is embroiled in an ongoing battle with unions
  • Disney faces employee walkouts after its CEO failed to more strongly endorse LGBTQ-friendly legislation

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