March 23, 2022

Can Starlink Disrupt In-Flight Wifi?

Can Starlink Disrupt In-Flight Wifi?
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Welcome to The Hustle Daily Show! Today our hosts Zachary Crockett and Rob Litterst are joined by Steph Smith (Director of Trends). You’ll hear about our most interesting story of the day: Can Starlink make in-flight wi-fi…actually good?

Plus! You’ll also hear about,

  • The identity authentication company Okta is investigating a potential data breach after hackers posted screenshots of the company’s internal systems
  • The SEC proposes a new set of climate rules that provide more transparency into how public companies are tackling the climate crisis
  • BuzzFeed’s Editor in Chief, Mark Shoofs, and 2 other top editors are stepping down

Plus! Listen for our Happy Hour Discussion on,

  • The role Substack will play (or not play) in the future of media
  • The District of Columbia is suing food delivery company Grubhub

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